Dress Code

Dress Like a Champion Code 2018-2019

In order to encourage Champion pride, pride in personal appearance, respect for others, and ensure student success, students attending Calk-Wilson Elementary School will be required to wear the following standardized dress.

SHIRTS: Any solid color, any style shirt may be worn. Prohibited attire as per District Dress Code include: tank tops, muscle shirts, halter tops, spaghetti straps, shirts that expose backs or midriffs, low-cut blouses/tops, and see through garments.  

PANTS & SHORTS: Any solid color pants or shorts are permitted. Students in 3 - 5th grades must adhere to District guidelines for shorts/skirts/skorts length. See example (the dollar bill rule). Prohibited attire as per District Dress Code include: no bagging or sagging pants. No spandex/leggings, or frayed, torn, faded pants or shorts allowed. If a student wears torn/ripped pants/jeans- they must wear leggings or tights underneath.

JUMPERS, SKIRTS, SKORTS: Any solid color jumper, skirt, or skort permitted. Students in 3rd- 5th grades must adhere to District guidelines for shorts/skirts/skorts length. See example (the dollar bill rule).

SHOES: Closed toe and closed heel shoes must be worn for safety reasons & for participation in P.E.  Prohibited shoes as per District Dress Code include: Shoes with wheels & steel toe shoes.

WINTER WEAR: Jackets, coats, sweatshirts, turtlenecks, or sweaters of any color may be worn during inclement weather. Hoods or hoodies MAY NOT be worn indoors.

HAIR: Hair must be neat and clean. Prohibited hairstyles as per District Dress Code include: unconventional colors/hairstyles such as mohawks, spiked hair or designs

ACCESSORIES: No hats, caps, or bandanas are permitted. No make-up, artificial nails, heavy jewelry, or visible tattoos are permitted. Due to safety concerns only stud earrings may be worn.

*Due to constant changes in styles, the Campus Advisory Team reserves the right to change the Dress code. Parent will be notified if changes occur.


*See other side for minimum District Dress Code, Consequences, and Option Days.

Calendar of Champion Option Days

Throughout the year designated Option Days are built into the school calendar. On Option Days students may wear any style of clothing as long as it meets the CCISD Dress Code Policy as stated below, with the exception that tennis shoes must be worn for safety at P.E.  and recess. Additional option days may be included during the year that follows a certain educational theme. On these days, students may dress according to the “theme” or Calk-Wilson Dress Code. Parents will be notified of these “theme” days.

October:  31st- Halloween TBD- we usually host our Storybook Character Parade

December: 17th – 21st - Christmas Attire

February: 14th- Valentine’s Day Attire

March:Texas Public Schools Week- (Themes to be announced)

Other Option Days throughout the year will be announced



The following is the minimum student dress/grooming code set forth in the Student/Parent Handbook

by the CCISD Board of Education, Board Policy FNCA (Local):

“Parents and students are expected to use good judgment in selecting appropriate clothing for students to wear at school. Each student shall wear clothing that fits properly, is neat, and is not so revealing as to cause a distraction. Girl’s apparel must not be above the knee to the point of being a distraction. Muscle shirts, see-through shirts or blouses, bare midriffs, strapless and/or backless outfits and beachwear are prohibited. State law requires shoes to be worn at all times. No article of clothing or other accessories shall be worn in such a way as to advertise, promote, or be associated with gang activities.” All schools in CCISD have the right to establish specific criteria and guidelines in additions to the District’s standards.

Appropriate length of shorts for 3rd, 4th, and 5th Grade Students must follow the "dollar bill rule".

Consequences for Non-Compliance with Calk-Wilson Dress Code

  • Teacher Contacts Parents (Phone/Conference/Note)
  • Change of clothes
  • Shirts w/vulgarities, inappropriate messages, pictures, or symbols

will be turned inside-out